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What we value the most in SOX GAPAT is our experience, professionalism and proven reliable strategies. We introduce innovations to the area of currency trading, fine-tuning and bringing them to perfection!

Our team consists of about a hundred of highly qualified specialists, such as financial managers, traders and economists (financial department), programmers and testers (technical department), and customer support agents.

We are in the Crypto Market more than 2 years. Each specialist of our company has at least 5 years of solid experience in currency and cryptocurrency trading market, asset management and securities markets.
Our main goal is, to collect more than 150,000 active investors on the SOX GAPAT platform by 2021. From today, every investor from all over the world can join the SOX GAPAT platform to earn a stable income on our unique profitable platform.

Aside from the investment capital management services, we also offer consulting services for corporations (companies) in the EU, Asia, North and South America.


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